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Glitter Heart Polyester Mesh Fabric | Spandex Palace

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Width: 60"
Color: Blush
Sale price$7.00 Regular price$11.00


Add a touch of magic and sparkle to your creations with the Glitter Heart Polyester Mesh Fabric from Spandex Palace! This exquisite fabric features charming glitter heart details that will instantly elevate any project you have in mind. Ideal for a wide range of creative endeavours, this none-stretch tulle fabric is perfect for dancewear, kids' clothing, event decorations, sportswear, and cosplay. Let your imagination run wild as you design stunning outfits, eye-catching decor pieces, or unique cosplay costumes with this versatile and durable fabric. Not only does this Polyester Mesh Fabric look amazing, but it's also practical and easy to care for. Hand washable and with care instructions to ensure longevity, this fabric is a reliable choice for your crafting needs. The 100% polyester content ensures durability, while the 56/57" usable width provides ample fabric for your various projects. Whether you're a dancewear star, cosplay enthusiast, or just someone with a flair for creativity, this Glitter Heart Polyester Mesh Fabric is the perfect choice to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your work. Make a statement with your creations and let your imagination shine bright with this fabulous fabric from Spandex Palace. Price is base of one yard.

  • Dancewear
  • star
  • Cosplays
  • Kids
  • décor 

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