How to Sew with Sequin Fabrics- BEST TIPS

Let's talk about sequins! Let's get into it!!

Sequins are small, shiny, flat discs of metal or plastic. They can be made from a variety of materials, but the most common are aluminum, plastic and steel.

What is Sequin Fabric?

Sequins are used in clothing to provide decoration, as well as in other applications such as book covers and greeting cards. They are also used for their reflective quality on signs and in stage productions.

What are the characteristics of the fabric?

The characteristics of sequin fabric depend on the material used to make them. For example, aluminum sequins have a shiny appearance and can be made with different colors and sizes. Plastic sequins are more durable than aluminum ones but don't have as much shine or sparkle. Steel sequins are more pliable than aluminum or plastic ones, so they may not hold their shape quite as well when used on clothing items that require flexibility

What are the different types of sequin?

There are many different types of sequin fabrics available today: -Aluminum: These are the most common sequins and are used in a wide variety of projects. They have a shiny appearance, are available in many different colors and sizes, and can be made with or without holes in the middle.

-Acrylic: Acrylic sequins look similar to aluminum ones, but they're not as durable or flexible. They're often used for decorations on clothing items like hats and shoes because they won't snag easily.

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